Friday, August 24, 2007

Art imitates art

Idyllopuspress has done a "digital painting" (art nerds, please fill me in--is this your fancy term for screwing around with photoshop?) of a Theresa and Jeremy photo. This is a prime example of appropriate "sampling." The photographer who took the original shot is credited, but more important, idyllopuspress has made the final work her very own. The "painting" has a Hockney-meets-paint-by-numbers quality that's hypnotizing. If I were a friend of the Duncan-Blake's I'd purchase it. The accompanying post is thoughtful too. So head on over there and check it. Don't worry, we'll still be here when you return.


MP DL'T said...

what the fuck are you talking about
Theresa's name was on her blog-where's yours pussy-no one ever mistook the photogaphs on Staircase to be the creation of Theresa's-she was pulling things from everywhere things that caught her eye that day,she didn't rely on Wikipedia-the fact is she was this dynamic-many of her posts are just snips from larger articles that she leads you into and gives you the link for-it's more like check this out,like when she found a piece on Jennifer Herrema's wardrobe-Jen is someone Theresa and all of us know,-Theresa sustained a very specific aesthetic on the Staircase,that even the tribute Staircase lacks.
Look at Staircase like a one page magazine-it was one aspect of her.
Who are you?
Why are you hiding?
You are talking alot of shit about someone I care alot about.

Poulet said...

Hey mp, I feel your pain.

Unfortunately the truth hurts. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but Theresa Duncan was a plagiarist. I didn't force her to take credit for other people's work and post wikipedia entries as if they were her own words. I didn't hold a gun to her head and make her lie about having a degree and a cleverly named senior thesis when in fact she barely attended college. I didn't make her take credit as Chop Suey's only creator. She did that all by herself.

This blog exists not to "talk shit" about Duncan, rather to expose the fa├žade. Some people can't handle the truth, and you appear to be one of them.

pomegranite said...

mp, ignore these parasites.
this whole 'plagairism' thing they keep harping on is so incredibly lame- they really don't get it.
the only truth that hurts here is how dull and small-minded they are, "Poulet" and a couple of others are on some kind of maniacal mission- it's almost pathological- one really has to wonder why...

poussin said...

So Poulet, let's hope the Duncan Defense Brigade can explain away the "altruism" e-mail plagiarized from an Amazon book review. IN AN E-MAIL to an art discussion roundtable. Yes, VERY dynamic. About as dynamic as a week-old turd.

Duncan had many aspects. One of these was as plagiarist.

poussin said...

Poulet, why has this not been discussed? Or was it? Our gal certainly gets around and there is only so much time in the day.

zipthwung said...

there are a number of ways of making a digital painting.

The first step might be to siplify the color areas.

In flash you can "autotrace" which has a number of seetings. This traced butmap can then be exported to photoshop.

In illustrator there is a trace function
In photoshop I enjoy the "median" or "posterize" filters among others.

A nice trick is to use the "replace colors" wich will allow you to change or simplify th palette.

Another trick is to "find edges" or any filter that creates some sort of outline (or simply use a graphic tablet) on a layer, use "multiply" as a layer option over your simplified artwork.

Im pretty sure there are big time artists who use one or all of these methods to make projectable images which can then be rendered in paint.

Poulet said...

Thanks zipthwung for letting us know what a digital painting is. Did you check out the link here? What did you think of the painting?

zipthwung said...

well i thought it looked nice and I was curious if i could pick up a trick or two.

I dunno you could say "digital painting" and it could sound obvious or pretentious or totally sincere "I make digital work and I find it frees me from the creative constraints of HAVING NO MONEY," for example.

SO I think the rationale is "I enjoy painting" but "I spend all my time on the computer so I'm not really a painter, even though I'd like to 'keep it real'"
or whatever.

I prefer "digital abracadabracus".

One thing is the palette - and I'm kind of jaded about subject matter (person place or thing, man)
so color and technique matter - but Im not so into "detail" or "realism" or "blending" or whatever your particlular fetish is.

One question I could ask myself is what the palette is (do genre's have palettes? Yes they do).

I might spend time trying to "decode" the palette but then I didn't intuit any, so I havent tried.

Other than that its pretty generic - which I like in an "it idealizes and softens the harsh realm we are in" sort of way. Claifornia Dreamin......

Its the Long Goodbye.....

zipthwung said...

having learned to paint, I find painting "digitally" (with metaphorical tools) to be a similar process (add pockets of color and digitally smear/mix them).