Friday, August 24, 2007

Insights from someone who corresponded with Duncan

Fulltilredhead has commented here in response to my post about why Duncan did not allow comments on her blog. Her insights merit being called out in a separate post. (Thanks Fulltiltredhead. Welcome to TDC--we hope you'll stick around.)

I sent TD an email saying I enjoyed her blog, maybe a year or so ago, and she responded. We had bits of conversation here and there after that, via email. I remember we talked about the print ad for Coomb's (sp?) fragrance, "Unforgiven." (We disagreed, but it was a good discussion that I think we both enjoyed.) Besides that, just random comments and observations, nothing personal.

I'm not sure it was that she didn't want fans posting, because she posted someone's comment that she was pretty. But I posted a few times to take issue with a point of view she'd expressed or represented, and my posts were censored out. She didn't like to be challenged in public. So rather than respond on her blog, I would email her, so the conversation would be private. She seemed to prefer that; she responded, anyway.

Except for the time that she and I were discussing her take on the boomers, and I busted her out. I had an intuition she was lying about her age, and, being born Dec. 1956, I was tired of her anti-boomer rants, which hurt my feelings. She responded to my email via reply email, and I wrote back again, arguing her response.

Next thing I know, she had published my private email to her on her blog, with a picture of someone flipping the bird, and her response email to me, slightly edited.

She never asked my permission to publish our private correspondence on her blog. She didn't give me an opportunity to edit what I'd written, while she took the opportunity to edit her reply email to me before she published it. She did not post my response to her reply, instead giving herself the last word. I emailed her I thought all of that was dirty pool. The next day, she sent me an invitation to some party in New York. I ignored it and deleted our correspondence.


poussin said...

Theresa Behaving Badly Towards Fans. An intermediate course towards the degree in Duncanology at the Lycee Poulet.

MP DL'T said...

this baby boomer's feelings got hurt because of Theresa's comments about baby-boomers,this is exaclty Theresa's point about baby boomers being baby's-Theresa didn't even have to say it,this lady just said so in her own words,her feelings were hurt.
Theresa didn't want Staircase blogged down with dozebs of useless commentary like here,she never said the Staircase was interactive-it was her ministry,her platform-she didn't beg you to come,or bite her nails wondering if the masses were in attendance-she had sitemeter for that.

arebours said...

Well,don't be all hurt that lots of people find,or found,your pompous goddess a twat.You are a little boy now,but you will be old ,someday,and not enjoy such primitive,uncivilized criticism ,for a natural process-or should we have a soylent green thing,or a bourbon/tylenol solution?