Saturday, September 15, 2007

Jeremy Blake extravaganza

Feel like you don't really know Jeremy Blake (a.k.a. "Mr. Wit)? Get acquainted by following these links.

The Corcoran's blurb on the upcoming Jeremy Blake exhibit.

Remembering Jeremy Blake.

Jeremy's gorgeous work done for Punch Drunk Love. (And the only redeeming part of this maudlin movie.)

Mr. Wit's C.V.

Some of Jeremy's conventional paintings. (Btw, the painting of the brunette reminds me of an old vaudeville joke whose punchline is "Nice tits, where do you want the blinds?")

More Theresa Duncan mysteries

Fall is in the air (yes, dear New York readers, we do have seasons in Los Angeles), but that beachy summer mystery known as Theresa Duncan continues to haunt our imagination.

  1. Is she alive and well and working as a prostitute?
  2. Why has Duncanologist seaword (who, following our lead, exposed Wit's literary peccadillos) vanished into the ether, shuttering the blog and neglecting to answer email from fans? (Btw, if you really want to read that page, you can here.)
  3. Has famed Duncanologist Kate Coe of FBLA, who hasn't posted her keen insights here or elsewhere lately, also lost interest and vanished?
  4. Will this blogger soon follow suit?
  5. Was Jeremy Blake really the rear-ending type? And if, so can we tell from this conversation?

I'll let Dream's End work on 1-4 and leave 5 for you to solve.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

And now a beak from Theresa Duncan for a different kind of guilty pleasure

Unselfconscious and refreshing, this blog from another ex-L.A. resident is the antithesis of The Wit of the Staircase.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New York magazine mentions this blog—and gets the name wrong.

We're glad the kids over at New York magazine read this blog, but would it kill them to hire a fact checker? From the "Comments" page in the September 3-10 issue:

David Amsden’s Conspiracy of Two (August 27), about the suicides of Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake, fed the army of bloggers who are obsessed with the subject. Most merely wanted it understood that they know more about the case than Amsden does, but he was also chided for depicting New York as a “hostile but ultimately rewarding environment for an artist,” while L.A. is “often the opposite: easy and glittering until you begin to suspect it is all maybe a cruel illusion.” The blog Theresa Duncan Control responded: “This is the kind of shit that makes me wish we could deport every single New Yorker. Let’s start by rounding them up in Santa Monica, where they clog up our sidewalk caf├ęs and steal our rent-controlled apartments.”

  1. Yes, we did say that.
  2. But our name is Theresa Duncan CENTRAL. You know, like that little patch of grass you guys call CENTRAL Park?
  3. We don't know who the hell you hyperlinked to, but it's sure not our site.
  4. This really makes us question Amsden's collective vision/exploding grill story. For all we know some weasel top editor inserted that at the last minute to add color.
  5. Yes, we do know more about Theresa Duncan than you do.
  6. In the absence of a copy/research department listed on the New York masthead, we blame assistant managing editor Denise Penny. (Tell us who's really at fault Penny, and we'll take you off our shit list.)
  7. Seriously though, we love you guys. Just stay the hell off our beaches, okay? Rockaway, yes. Zuma, no.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Theresa Duncan Central is NOT a rumor site

An essay in dire need of an editor and some hyperlinks. (Our condolences to Seaword, who was not mentioned and to Kate Coe, who is referred to as "Cole" on second reference.)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Summer never ends in Los Angeles

Some bloggers have grown bored with Theresa Duncan. In a post titled "Summer is Over and So Is the Fling," the Seaword admits to having lost interest in the Wit and wonders if this little blog has "given up the ghost" also.

Not here, baby! Summer is eternal in Los Angeles and we've got more stamina than you'll find in a fistful of Viagra. So hang in there, there's more good stuff coming.

Punk diva: Was Theresa Duncan plagiarizing or posing?

A recent story about Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake in the Independent relies heavily on an interview with Malcolm McLaren, former manager of the Sex Pistols, who knew the couple. Theresa liked to tout her rock bona fides on her blog, but check out this Wit post (hat tip to Poussin) on the Chelsea Hotel:

If you doubt the Chelsea's status as the Haunted Indian Burial Ground of Baby Boomer hipster culture, consider that no significant counterculture has been produced by Western white middle class youth since Sid Vicious murdered his girlfriend on this very spot and died of a heroin overdose in Rikers prison in the middle of the East River shortly afterward.
Did you catch the error? Sid Vicious did not die in prison at all. He died in a Greenwich Village apartment after being sprung from Rikers. Did Duncan not know this? Was she just posing a a punk fan or did she carelessly copy this blurb from another source?