Sunday, September 9, 2007

Theresa Duncan's boyfriend was gay

So says the U.K. Independent in this story. (Hat tip to Lou.) The piece rehashes what everyone else has written (golden couple, tragic end, blah, blah, blah) and relies mostly on an interview with punk impresario Malcolm McLaren, who knew the couple. However, there's this bombshell:
"I liked him [Jeremy] a lot," McLaren says, "but he always struck me as a troubled person. Everything that's been written about them since it happened has suggested that Theresa was the crazy one. But actually I don't think she was all that crazy. I think it was the other way around."
So Jeremy was the crazy one. And there's this:

The golden-couple image was flawed in other ways, too.' "If we're being honest," says McLaren, "Jeremy was gay. I don't think his relationship with Theresa was all that sexual. She was a mother to him. When I saw them in Hollywood, he was always terribly concerned that people would think he was a fag – he walked around with this hip flask of whisky in his pocket and he was constantly swigging from it, like some kind of cowboy."
Jeremy was gay and Theresa wasn't getting laid. Have to admit I hadn't thought of that. So far it seems Kate Coe is the only person who's written about them who actually knew them. Yet she seems to have missed this. Perhaps her gaydar is in need of tune-up.

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poussin said...

Ah, but the punk ethos was antithetical to sex, wasn't it. And was pogoing not some release of sexual tension that was not intended to be sprung on the box spring? So if TD and Blake were a true punk couple, as TD wrote them to be, they'd not have sex and indeed would find it filthy and dully middle class. Which they, of course, were not.

I've decided that the exploding grill was a relative of the grill that had urine thrown on it by the newly demented Jeremy Blake.