Friday, August 10, 2007

Checking out Theresa Duncan's Venice digs

Ever wonder where the Wit of the Staircase was written? My guess is at a Starbucks in Brentwood. Duncanologists who want to see where the Wit lived (and presumably lit up a doobie or two), should trot on over to this address:

232 Linnie Canal
Venice, CA

This is should be the cottage teased by Kate Coe of Fishbowl LA in her L.A. Weekly story on Duncan. (And yes, I'm too lazy to look it up on google earth.)

While you're there, see if you can't scare up some evidence of CIA activity, black cats, weird license plates and Tom Cruise in the neighborhood.

All this sleuthing is bound to make you hungry, so pop into nearby Abbot's Pizza (on Abbot Kinney's main drag) for a slice of pie made with a bagel crust.

UPDATE: According to "Kate," who comments on this post, this wasn't their latest domicile. (Though they DID live here.)


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Deleted first one as it wasn't finished.

They lived there for 2 years, moved to 1208 CABRILLO AVE APARTMENT B, and then to someone's guest house Chris Lee's piece in the LAT has them living in Venice, near Brooks Ave.

Poulet said...

Thanks much Kate, I'll update and correct. Jeremy Blake listed that Linnie address when he donated to the DNC in 2004.