Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Theresa Duncan featured fan of the day

From time to time here, we'd like to highlight some of the Wit's fans. Here is Ron Rosenbaum:

"...Well I didn’t know her, personally, but I felt I knew her from two years of reading her blog The Wit of the Staircase.

Her name was Theresa Duncan and she was the intellectual glamour girl of the web. Brilliant, erudite, beautiful (she looked like Kate Moss who was, unsurprisingly one of her obsessions). I loved her blog I knew when my brain was weary with the conventionalities of news and politics on the Web, tired of immersion in my own work I could always find new intellectual and sensual stimulation in The Wit of the Staircase. And by sensual I don’t mean the glamour shots of Theresa, which she understandably had a weakness for, but that she was devoted to articulating her passions for sensual pleasures—her posts on perfumes for instance were sublime renderings of the wordless in words.

She had directed an admired short film A History of Glamour, she had a boyfriend, a rising star artist named Jeremy Blake, whom she often collaborated with and promoted. She seemed to have everything . And now they’re both dead."

In light of what's been reported on this blog and here, does Rosenbaum still feel the same about Duncan? I'm glad he could find intellectual stimulation through Duncan's sloppy cut-and-paste posts and links to Kate Moss stories*. But c'mon Ron, you were essentially reading Wikipedia! I'd rather believe that you weren't actually reading The Wit of the Staircase and just faked that you were in order to seem cool. You hastily posted a tribute, claimed to be a fan. Now you know better, right? Theresa Duncan Central is giving you a chance to back pedal. Take it Ron! Renounce your faith in the Wit of the Staircase. Announce that you're an apostate. We'll forgive you.

Is there any subject more boring, dull or mind numbing than Kate Moss?


poussin said...

Yes. Pete Doherty.

private_citizen said...

OK guys. I disliked Theresa Duncan more than most, but I think the joke has grown old now. All the stories that her "Children of the Staircase" bought may be total tripe to you and I, but what's the harm in them believing in a fantasy? If they need a little bright light to lead them on, let them think what they will. Its probably the first time many of them have been exposed to quotations in their lives...be they correctly attributed or not. The alternative for these folks is probably a Harlequin Romance novel. Let them ponder poor Shelley, and idolize Kate Moss. Maybe some day they'll be high-browin' it on wikipedia or Amazon and run into one of Theresa's inspirational writings and have an "aha" moment.

But with that said, give it a rest. Her 15 minutes are up.

Unknown said...

She wanted Moss to star in the Alice Underground movie, which Chris Lee mentioned.

Anonymous said...

katie coe,nancy rommelmann,andrea harner,chris lee,shit face,shit faces cousin,a.k.a. p p
who needs CoS with this crew of ambitious students against drunk driving hippos.
I just wrote a VP piece-it's about suicide-the pretty girl pulls her own plug,and I do my journalist bes to find out what went wrong by talking to someone who hasn't talked to the victim in 12yrs.
What did go wrong Monica?
Did Theresa write that she was at peace with her decision,because I have to give her the benefit of doubt,if it weren't for so many unqualified people bent on selling the suicide and piling on the reasons,that would only add up to a casual reader.She was crazy so she killed herself,wait no she was a flop,so that's why she did-she did it to save her boyfriend
NYPD still under investigation both deaths.
Katie Coe kicked Theresa in the pussy in print.Only Theresa was already dead.

Kate Coe said...

Neither death is under investigation. Call 'em up Mike. 1-212-477-7811.