Friday, August 10, 2007

Theresa Duncan hated Bush

A new piece by reveals that Theresa Duncan hated Bush. (No big surprise.) The piece (nicely done) relies heavily on quotes from Father Frank Morales, St. Mark's associate pastor who they befriended. (Duncan and Blake lived at the church--it was their last address.)

Duncan OD’d on sleeping pills in the late afternoon after lunching earlier with Blake. Morales said neither showed signs of depression or substance abuse.

“There was absolutely no drugs involved, in terms of their being drug addicted,” he said. “I know that quite well.”
With all due respect Pastor did you really know them? Or are you making a distinction between drug use and abuse? There were references to drugs in Duncan's posts. Usually squares don't just casually drop that they were sparking up a doobie.

Money quote:

Blake liked to say Duncan was too intelligent for Hollywood, where she was “surrounded by morons,” Morales recalled.
More on Duncan and Hollywood in my next post.

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