Friday, August 24, 2007

Giving Kate Coe the weekend off

This blog has commented numerous times on Kate Coe of FBLA, author of this L.A. Weekly piece on Duncan. I still think this is the best story on Duncan that's been put out so far. Interesting. Well reported. And so far, it seems to have stood up to scrutiny. (The Wit's fans have accused Coe of doing a hatchet job, but if anything, Coe's story is circumspect.) I've dished out praise for Coe here, highlighted some of her most interesting comments on TDC and ribbed her about working on Duncan-Blake book.

Recently Coe asked why I choose to communicate with her via this blog rather than email. The reason is that this way everyone can read our discussion. However, since I detect a tone of mild annoyance in Coe's question, I've decided to give her the weekend off. I won't address her or discuss her again until Monday (at which point, I may even consider extending the Coe hiatus). No more teasing about a book. No more jokes about plying her with wine to get the full Duncan story out of her. She's been a good sport, but it's time to give the woman a break. Have a great weekend Kate!

[Note, this only applies to me. You are welcome to comment on Coe or address. And she's always welcome to comment here. This blog has been enriched by her presence.]


poussin said...

Kate Coe's article was excellent. Her observations here are crucial to the advanced study of Duncanology.

And she provides more:

Unknown said...

Oh thanks. Actually, I'm working as I'm doing a follow-up piece about those left behind. I'm interested (okay, obsessed) with the blog world's reactions and responses to Duncan and her work, and to the stories written afterwards.

I like commenting, but sometimes people (even Poulet) ask questions, and I don't always remember to answer them.

poussin said...

Kate, here's one for you: Duncan could have amended her log with proper citations after being publicly called out for the Slate piece. But she didn't, because she didn't feel she had done anything wrong (I refer to her posted defense following the incident). Not with the Slate thing and not in her log. Sounds like narcissism.

Good luck with your piece.

Unknown said...

I've tried to stay away making clinical speculations, and I didn't talk to any psychologists/psychiatrists on the record.

Here's a weird thought--the woman who wrote the perfume blog Theresa borrowed from, got a very good job with IFF in New York. In the fragrence industry, that's a big deal. I wonder if Theresa ever ran into her there?

katiedid said...
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