Saturday, August 11, 2007

Theresa Duncan's blog eulogized in L.A. Times

The L.A. Times eulogizes The Wit of the Staircase in the Calendar section:

Lavishly illustrated with fine art, fashion photography, film stills, news and paparazzi photos, book and album covers, and recurring images of Kate Moss, her preferred celebrity obsession, Wit, as she called it and herself interchangeably, was a cultural free-for-all. In this forum, which she could credibly assert was engendering a new type of writing, Duncan shared the things that caught her fancy, sometimes crafting lengthy, heavily researched ruminations on subjects mundane and arcane, sometimes excerpting articles or posting poems or even listing a particularly good run on her iPod. Always, her poetic sensibility, arch glamour and fiery spirit came through. Hers was a unique female voice, and this is why her death is such an acute loss to her readers, myself included. [emphasis mine]
Ah to read Duncan's heavily researched ruminations. Yes, of course--like the history of electricity.

Thank you L.A. Times, for another terrific "well-researched" piece of your own! What happened? Judith Miller wasn't available to take this assignment?


Kate Coe said...

I've commented about this piece at Fishbowl. I've heard that the LAT has one more actual news piece in mind, but this isn't it. Raymond Doherty, quoted in this piece, was an old friend of Duncan--some one told me he was a beau, but I hadn't try to verify that. Keeping the site alive is wonderful--it really is one of the most beautiful personal blogs around.

Theresa Duncan Blog Remembered in LA Times, Again

Kate Coe

Kate Coe said...

Take a look at the post on Epilepsy

and the English version of Wikipedia

the same subject

Joe Adams said...

What's your trip, Kate?
Slow year @ "A CURRENT AFFAIR"?
A little professional jealousy?
Should we start examining your history and character? Why is "Murdoch's Media" so concerned with Theresa Duncan?

Unknown said...

A Current Affair hasn't been on the air for about two years, and I haven't worked on it since May of 2005. If you check my IMDB, you'll see that I'm working for some real right wingers

Joe Adams said...

Well, that explains the hit piece.
Gotta pay the bills. Cutting b-roll just don't cut it, no? Hey, this is fun. How'd you end up getting paid to do this?

Being an over-glorified PA on a Larry Charles project doesn't really establish your credentials as a foot soldier of the left. Besides, I didn't call you a right-winger. I called you a dutiful gimp.

Kind of blows being on the receiving end, doesn't it? Unlike you, I target the living.
Pro bono, to boot!

~bye bye now~